1. The Majestic Yes

  2. Twenty-One Sabar Rhythms
    The Doudou Ndiaye Rose Family

  3. Leaf-Playing In Quito, 1960-1965
    Biluka Y Los Canibales

  4. Impossible Love Songs From Sixties Quito
    Benitez & Valencia

  5. A Heart In Splinters (More From The CAIFE Label, Quito, 1960-68)

  6. Head Gone Wrong By Noise

  7. The Paths Of Pain (The CAIFE Label, Quito, 1960-68)

  8. Str8 Crooked

  9. Fourteen Years
    Le Volume Courbe

  10. 1983

  11. London Is The Place For Me 8 (Lord Kitchener In England, 1948-1962)

  12. London Is The Place For Me 7 (Calypso, Palm-Wine, Mento, Joropo, Steel & Stringband)

  13. Epiphanies I-VI

  14. Epiphanies VII-XIII

  15. 1981

  16. 1969, 1970
    The Music Improvisation Company

  17. Epiphany

  18. Trios

  19. Age Of Aquarius
    Tribe Of Colin

  20. Laniakea
    Don't DJ

  21. Cyro
    Derek Bailey & Cyro Baptista

  22. Time
    Derek Bailey & Tony Coe

  23. Aida
    Derek Bailey

  24. Dart Drug
    Derek Bailey & Jamie Muir

  25. Duo
    Derek Bailey, Tristan Honsinger

  26. Lot 74
    Derek Bailey

  27. Derek Bailey & Han Bennink
    Derek Bailey & Han Bennink

  28. Royal
    Anthony Braxton & Derek Bailey

  29. Solo Guitar Volume 1
    Derek Bailey

  30. Book Of Sound
    Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

  31. Moritz von Oswald & Ordo Sakhna
    Moritz von Oswald & Ordo Sakhna

  32. Guarapo! (Forty Bangers From Barranquilla)

  33. Sferic Ghost Transmits
    Shackleton & Vengeance Tenfold

  34. April
    Mark Ernestus Versus Obadikah

  35. Obadikah

  36. Disclosure
    Kassem Mosse

  37. Chilazon
    Kassem Mosse

  38. Devotional Songs
    Shackleton With Ernesto Tomasini

  39. Mass Migration
    Wareika Hill Sounds

  40. Christians Catch Hell (Gospel Roots, 1976-79)

  41. First Voyage

  42. In Situ
    Laurel Halo

  43. Sounding Lines
    Moritz Von Oswald Trio

  44. Datura Mystic
    Tapes Meets The Drums Of Wareika Hill Sounds

  45. Three Versions
    Kassem Mosse / Simone White

  46. The Golden Boat
    Crying Lion

  47. Rang'ala (New Recordings From Siaya County, Kenya)
    Ogoya Nengo And The Dodo Women's Group

  48. Let No One Judge You (Early Recordings From Iran, 1906-1933)

  49. Blue
    Moritz Von Oswald Trio

  50. Dismantle

  51. London Is The Place For Me 6 (Mento, Calypso, Jazz & Highlife From Young Black London)

  52. London Is The Place For Me 5 (Latin, Jazz, Calypso & Highlife From Young Black London)

  53. Mukunguni (New Recordings From Coast Province, Kenya)

  54. No More War EP
    Wareika Hill Sounds

  55. Petrol Laughs EP
    Elmore Judd / Bullion

  56. Fetch
    Moritz Von Oswald Trio

  57. Maleza
    Las Malas Amistades

  58. Kelan Philip Cohran & The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
    Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

  59. Silver Silver
    Simone White

  60. R.I.P.

  61. The Marble Downs
    Trembling Bells Feat. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

  62. Rocket Juice & The Moon
    Rocket Juice & The Moon

  63. Shangaan Shake

  64. Boracay Drift
    Pinch & Shackleton

  65. Pinch & Shackleton
    Pinch & Shackleton

  66. The Return Of Pipecock Jackxon
    Lee 'Scratch' Perry

  67. Vladislav Delay Quartet
    Vladislav Delay Quartet

  68. The Constant Pageant
    Trembling Bells

  69. Horizontal Structures
    Moritz Von Oswald Trio

  70. Deadman

  71. Fireworks

  72. Something Is Wrong (Vintage Recordings From East Africa)

  73. New Year's Eve's The Loneliest Night Of The Year
    Trembling Bells

  74. To Scratch Your Heart (Early Recordings From Istanbul)

  75. Kumina Mento Rasta
    Wareika Hill Sounds

  76. Shangaan Electro (New Wave Dance Music From South Africa)

  77. Splazsh

  78. Wireless

  79. Kokanko Sata
    Kokanko Sata

  80. The Lobi Traoré Group
    Lobi Traoré

  81. Africa Boogaloo (The Latinization Of West Africa)

  82. Vertical Ascent
    Moritz Von Oswald Trio

  83. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
    Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

  84. Open Strings (Early Virtuoso Recordings From The Middle East, And New Responses)

  85. Marvellous Boy (Calypso From West Africa)

  86. More Moondog

  87. Sprigs Of Time (78s From The EMI Archive)

  88. Give Me Love (Songs Of The Brokenhearted - Baghdad, 1925-1929)

  89. Living Is Hard (West African Music In Britain, 1927-1929)

  90. Abdel Hadi Halo & The El Gusto Orchestra Of Algiers

  91. Wareika Hill Sounds
    Wareika Hill Sounds

  92. Mbaqanga Songs
    Gwigwi Mrwebi

  93. Watch How The People Dancing (Unity Sounds From The London Dancehall, 1986-1989)

  94. Lagos No Shaking
    Tony Allen

  95. London Is The Place For Me 4 (African Dreams And The Piccadilly High Life)

  96. London Is The Place For Me 3 (Ambrose Adekoya Campbell)

  97. The Viking Of Sixth Avenue

  98. Lagos All Routes (Juju And Highlife, Apala And Fuji)

  99. London Is The Place For Me 2 (Calypso & Kwela, Highlife & Jazz From Young Black London)

  100. The Hour Of Two Lights
    Terry Hall & Mushtaq

  101. London Is The Place For Me (Trinidadian Calypso In London, 1950-1956)


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